Side Effects Of Amoxicillin Headaches

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New Front Page!

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Hi, All.


Today we are finally seeing the new front door....please ignore the duplicate ads as I am using them as placeholders while I get the front page content sorted out. It's pretty much all in css and php, so it took me a bit longer to get all the boxes to stop floating around in weird places. :p

Now I just have the blog template to fix....and the front page links to sort out obviously. But at least you can now see whats going on, here on the front page. Yay! /

B2E Update...seems to have worked.

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OK. Hi, all. Just posting this to check if all is working well with the new upgrade of our Blogging software. Lots of new text formatting features, and podcast support...oh, god. do we need podcasts???? 88|

So, as it stands the site ....meaning the front page is just about finished. Have to test the rss grabber with the new feeds and write up some css to make it not look like poopy. Actually, I will probably have to rewrite at least part of the php to get it to not look like the aforementioned fecal matter, but thems the breaks. Updated logo done, scripts done. God help us all. :p

Long time no post....

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Howdy all,

Just a quick note to let you know that I have pretty much figured out how to get the front page of the site working and now I just have to design the bugger.

Hopefully, this won't take that long.

On the creative side, I have an armload of scripts and just need to get the site sorted out so I have time to work on drawing them....

In the meantime here is the link to my deviant art page :>

The US Comic Market sobs every time somebody brings this up...

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These are trade collection single volume sales numbers from 2008 in Japan:
(click the title to see the oricon numbers from 2008)

Rank Title (Volume #) Circulation
1 One Piece (50) 1,678,208
2 One Piece (51) 1,646,978
3 Nana 19) 1,645,128
4 One Piece (49) 1,544,000
5 Nana 20) 1,431,335
6 Nodame Cantabile (20) 1,209,551
7 Nodame Cantabile (21) 1,205,037
8 Naruto (43) 1,188,881
9 Naruto (42) 1,092,295
10 Fullmetal Alchemist (19) 1,081,575

I repeat... trade collections. Not new material. 88|

According to this page ( Marvel as a whole company sold 113,136 in August. They are the top seller on the chart. Being incredibly kind if we use this number as an average then they sold 1,357,632 in the whole year of every trade they publish. The One Piece books in the top ten alone last year sold more copies then the entire industry in the US...ok, that may or may not be a slight exaggeration. Total Circulation for One Piece was 5,956,540. You can do the math to see if the two numbers are greater or less than.

The point being, what the hell are they doing right? And don't tell me captive train audience. I lived on those trains and people read alot of comics on them. But Jump is usually read weekly in the big fat collection. You have to actually want to read these again to go get the collections.

IKEA: The Cult Expands


Got this from Japanator.... If going to IKEA was like this I would go more often. At this point I go for the cheap hotdogs. :P

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