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win a DANG original at Goth Prom

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once again sponsoring this year's GOTH PROM, This time (along with some NOTxDEAD goodies) I will be offering the original watercolor painting "no hug is free" up for auction... more »

merch for spring!

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flipflops and some new stuff in my old cafepress account: http://www.cafepress.com/aladang aaaand zazzle new and tasty as well: http://www.zazzle.com/aladang more »
FOR BOTH OF YOU THAT STILL LIKE A PHYSICAL PRINTED CALENDAR!   PARTY LIKE IT'S 2011...because that is when I made the art for it...but the technical calendar part will be for 2013!!   more »

the web is a weird place

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  ODD. somebody found this tidbit for me in an online version of International Tattoo Art.   more »

NOTxDEAD swag on zazzle!

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Sorry: The much anticipated NOTxDEAD bandanas fell through, but check out this horde of shirts,button,ect on my zazzle account!     more »
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