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happy halloweekend!

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    more »

tattoo flash for the 99%

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http://mrdang.deviantart.com/#/d4ctqpm more »

3d days!

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something on the horizon...been working on the groundwork for a bit. but for now... It's 3d days! 3d is big buzz right now, and I can't give you something for that 3d tv or 3d smartphone; but I got your 2d wall covered! Come on down to the shop and g… more »

DANG tattoos published!

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in Gore Noir magazine's premiere issue... more »

sign of the times?

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  ...hmmm, maybe "what's yer sign"? "all signs point to know"? "got a light"? "I got lit"?Anyways i almost broke my HUBRIS hangin the new neon...   more »
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