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Tags: tattoo

sign of the times?

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  ...hmmm, maybe "what's yer sign"? "all signs point to know"? "got a light"? "I got lit"?Anyways i almost broke my HUBRIS hangin the new neon...   more »
Tags: art, buy, dang, tattoo

2011 stillLife calendar now available!

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Oven a dozen new tattoo fusion paintings from my 'stillLife' series in scheduling form! on Deviantart: and zazzle: happy new year! more »
Tags: art, buy, dang, tattoo

merry MERCHmas!

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lots of new goodies in the zazzle shop including ipad/iphone cases, clothes, buttons, shoes, ect... more »
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free BCOOL xmas card on FB

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Be our friend, get a free print n' fold xmas card (a'la DANG of course)! more »
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501 club art inquiries...

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Thanks so much to all who made it to the art opening at the 501 club last week on a very busy weekend. Met lots of good fun as well. if you missed the event, feel free to check out the art as it hangs until 11/3. If you are interested in any my pieces o… more »
Tags: art, buy, dang, tattoo

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