Welcome to the official GREYDUCK website. Here you'll find teasers and bonus content for the GREYDUCK:volume of roars diakaiju graphic novel.

5-11-09: FYI- UPDATE in the EXTRAS section! Some yokel survivor of the events is GREYDUCK:volume of roars has come forward to expose his experiences and a salvaged limb from the creature! (This limb MAY or MAY NOT be on display at this years GFEST) I will have a table in artist's alley at this year's GFEST (july3-5)- incidently not far from at least two of the artist's to contribute to the book'spinup gallery; Matt Frank and Frank Parr. I will (of course) have copies of GREYDUCK: volume of roars, as well as what's left of the limited edition 3D posters (signed n numbered,glasses included), some original art for sale, and the last of the super-exclusive GREYDUCK squished pennies. GFEST is always a great time, run by people who really love the genre. Hope to see some of you there!

And yes, that IS a 3d image in the background, how observant of you. got any of those glasses lyin around?...
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